Teacher Trainings

200 hr. Teacher Training & Group Mentoring Program

There is an intelligent framework that when applied allows us clarity into the essence of who we are underneath it all. The process of wisdom is in understanding the application of that framework and when it applies to the various moments of life. This is the journey into teaching that is shared through the BelovedYoga school. I am truly honored to direct this school and hold the seat of transmission. 

Our 200 hr. yoga teacher training begins this journey in a way that the practice becomes deeply imbedded into your person. This school draws from the lineage and teachings that came through Krishnamacharya and his application of the art of vinyasa. You first learn to experience the practice and process of yoga in your manifestation, before sharing it with others. From there, we share the tools of methodology without dogma in order for each student to find and articulate their authentic voice in teaching.  This leads to the practice of sharing in small groups, and ultimately into our unique model of refining your teaching skills through one on one mentoring with a full time teacher of this path.

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500 hr Teacher Training

The 500 hr yoga teacher training at BelovedYoga continues this journey by exploring the depth and variability to the practice. We approach this module of learning through various paths, allowing the student to become familiar with the tools of their trade. We dive into weekend certification programs through the lens’s of Yin, Trauma Informed, Layering(sequencing), and Contemplative. These weekends provide spaces to personalize the practice for those we work with in the field. Thereby developing the toolkit necessary to work effectively with privates, and group classes. There is also attention placed on how to develop and present clear and effective workshops. Overall, this program aims to provide depth and wisdom to the practice that is already in you. Along with practical and applicable ways of sharing that practice with others no matter the arena or facility. It is a way to bring what you do to life in all of your moments.

The 300 hour advanced training builds upon the foundation of the 200 hour program. Combined with the 200 hour training, trainees will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT 500. 

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Master Class : The Story of Yoga



 About 2.5 hour practice that will illuminate the history and story of Yoga like never before. As you travel through this strong and thoughtful Vinyasa Practice, the tools of yoga (contemplation, breath work, movement) will be utilized to tell the story of Yoga and it's essence.  Jafar blends a unique style of storytelling and Intelligent Sequencing. Please join us for a wonderful morning practice.  


Contemplating the Essence of the Yoga Sutra and the Upanishads



  As one build's their connection to the process and practice of Yoga, one will evitably arrive to the doorway of Yoga Sutras and the Upanishads. The Yoga Sutras offers us clear insight into the why, how and what of Yoga. The Yoga Sutras as codified by Patanjali are inspired by the teachings of the Upanishads.  Jafar will share insight that is essential not only for the Yoga Teacher but also for the Yoga Practioner. Come spend a few hours exploring the Yoga Sutras, a few key Upanishads and how to utilize them in the practice of Yoga.  


Asana Lab: Maintain Steadiness and Ease - While Keeping Your Balance



  An afternoon of exploring five powerful asanas that both challenge and strengthen our focus and balance when faced with the fear of falling. In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, which form the philosophical and ethical foundation for the yoga we practice today, this is expressed in the Sanskrit phrase ‘Sthira Sukha Asanam'; ‘may the seat embody steadiness and ease”.  This session will explore a selection of standing and arm balances:  


The Art of Transitions



  How do we move from a pose to pose in a class while creating a meaningful experience? One of the most important tools you have as a Yoga Teacher, is the intelligence of your transitions and intention. Part of maturing the Yoga practice is in the art of the transition, which Jafar believes is the essence of vinyasa.  Creating a powerful sequence will depend on your ability to layer both the philosophy of Yoga with the wisdom of breath and movement.  The afternoon will be a blend of lecture and experiential teaching practice. If you are interested in teaching complex asanas and offerig layers to the class experience for yourself as a  practitioner and as a Yoga Teacher, then this is the workshop that will give you the tools and confidence.  


"Exploring the Subtle Realm”



  This workshop explores the tools of Pranayam (breath exploration), Pratyahara (repurposing of senses), and Dharana (intense focus). These tools have allowed yoga practitioners to dive into the intangible world of themselves for generations. They are what set the stage for meditation to take place. If you have a mediation practice, or are looking to build one, this is the workshop for you. We will examine the literary texts that outline this elusive practice, and then put it into action. It is about finding the appropriate doorway for each practitioner. This workshop seeks to empower each practitioner with a few ways to find their own meditative practice. So come explore the subtle realms of your practice.  


“Implementation of Kriya yoga through asana”



  Ever wonder how to find the inner meditation of yoga in your physical practice?  Our asana practice provides an amazing tool for us as individual practitioners to uncover the “why” behind how we operate in life. Kriya Yoga as defined by Patanjali is a set of synergistic tools that illuminate the process and implementation of inner change. This three fold process is available with every asana we practice, every breath we take, and every thought that passes through our minds.  This workshop introduces this process of navigating the intangible world of our practice. There will be a short discussion on how to work with Kriya Yoga, and allow it to bring life to the asana we practice. From there we will move through the physical realm of the practice so that each bead of sweat, each breath, helps to support the inner work. It is the way in which we keep the yoga in the asana practice.