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Audio & Video Classes

The offerings in this section are in audio rather than visual format. There are a few reasons why I have decided to offer in the audio realm versus the visual. We live in a world where I believe the eyes are over stimulated and over emphasized. Much of the practice of Yoga in my perspective is found in the unseen first. It is there that we are able to explore, understand, refine, choose, and finally implement. It is my hope that these classes will offer you a space where you can listen to some guidance, yet allow yourself the permission to make the asana (shape/situation/seat of experience) to be uniquely you. Your practice will "look" like it needs to for you, rather than what another needs it to be in order to be "right". Reclaim your wisdom and alignment by creating clear lines of communication within yourself. Use the shapes to be a platform or tool for getting into yourself, rather than placing yourself into yet another prescribed box of "have to" look a certain way.


United We Om

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United We Om
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